The articles presented on the following page can be bought and can be worn by everyone. Gremium MC does not have any influence on buyers. All articles with lettering „Support“, „Bad Boys“, „Bad Girls“ and „Black Seven“can be bought and don´t indicate any belonging to Gremium MC. Costumers only illustrate its interest and support. Gremium MC is not responsible for any acts of the wearer.








„Gremium MC“ as a term as well as its Colour (emblem) are registered trademarks. Only full-members are allowed to wear Jewelery, Patches, Sticker, clothes and similar articles, that have either the term „Gremium MC“ or its Colour on it!

The Colour (emblem) of Gremium MC is not allowed to be printed without written permission. Also it may not be published, neither online nor in other ways. Dealing with articles, that show this Colour or lettering „Gremium MC“ is forbidden and will be traced accordingly.

Articles with writing „Bad Seven“ can only be worn by members of „Bad Seven MC“.
























































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