Gremium MC – one of the leading motorcycle club in the European biker scene and the biggest MC in Germany. Already in 2002 Gremium looked back onto a tradition of 30 years. It was established in 1972 in Mannheim and has been developing consequently since then.

By now many Chapter in Germany and further more in Italy, Poland, Canaries, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Spain, Venezuela, Thailand, Serbia, Turkey and Chile belong to the large family of the world wide Gremium motorcycle-club and cultivate special friendship and very strong and long lasting relations to each other.

Our club is being understood as a community of bikers, which represents an own and special way of life essentially embossed by belonging and brotherhood. Our attitude towards life and power is represented by our Colour with its rising sun and the clenching fist towards heaven. „G“ is the seventh letter of the alphabet and also the term „Gremium“ has seven letters.

1978 Gremium MC and Bones MC arranged the conference of all German motorcycle clubs called „Presi-Rally“ at the Friesenheimer Insel in Mannheim. In the years of 1983, 1986 and 1995 Gremium MC arranged this conference by it self. Since 1972 Gremium MC has been embossed the club scene essentially. Beside other activities we were one of the founder members of special interest group of German biker and rocker – the Biker Union association- in 1986.
Already in 1988 State Office of Criminal Investigation and the Department of Public Prosecution had been approached against our community. At the twenty second of November in 1988 a couple of Gremium MC chapter had been forbidden by law because of accumulation of criminal community. More than 550 police officer attacked club homes and member apartments, several members were arrested and alleged evidence was backed up. Later on it was announced Gremium MC have been destroyed and an effectual move against organized crime would be done by the department of public prosecution.
Later on it turned out to be a failure. Except of a couple of members, which kept being arrested because of having drugs or other less profoundly cases, the most of the members were rereleased. Three years later the club forbidding was reversed and the costs of proceedings had to be payed by the county (Baden-Württemberg) – so lately by tax-payer.

Many times we have been judged in several ways, even as right-wing extremist or as criminal organization. Without success in each case and we never had any damages out of it. The press, the Departments of the Interior of the counties or of the country as well as other parts of society act in the way of: „If one of them criminal, we will judge all of them – if they do something good, we will ignore it“.

We entirely take distance to all of what is meant by the right-wings and left-wings ideas. We just believe in ourselves and those who don´t understand our way of life can not judge us. Just our lifestyle, the brother driving his bike next to you and the team spirit of Gremium MC is important to us – nobody has to love us, but everybody should have respect.
The Iron Cross was given by Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. in 1813. The way it looks it remains consciously of the cross of the Teutonic Order: a black cross with widening ends of each side on a white coat, just like the German knights have been wearing. The black cross of the white background is the symbol of Christi´s victory over the darkness and death. Until today it is the symbol of the still ongoing Teutonic Order „Brothers of the German house“ and it stands for power in life, comfort and confidence in dying, honor and rum in eternity.

By contrast to other military order the Iron Cross was consciously made of simple materials. Simple black metal is rounded by a silver frame and it stood for knightly acquittal and abstinence of a soldier. This kind of simplifying may led to the special attraction and prestige of the Teutonic Order.

The Iron Cross had been conferred independently to differences of soldiers status or grade as the highest honor in the war against Napoleon. At the beginning of the Napoleon wars the Iron Cross was reinvented by the German King Wilhelm I. and was conferred until the end of the war.

In the Second World War the Iron Cross was reinvented by Adolf Hitler. The material was thicker, the year 1945 was standing on the front side and the year 1813 at the back. In the middle of it was the swastika.

Since 1945 the Iron Cross as a typical symbol of German armed forces has not been conferred anymore. Nevertheless the Iron Cross was on traditionally reason assumed by the German armed forces, as a national emblem. The flag of German troops shows the Iron Cross surrounded by oak. And also the badges of honor, like the medal of honor, bronze, silver or golden cross of honor, has the Iron Cross as a Symbol of freedom, chivalry and braveness on its front side.


After 32 years Gremium MC changed its Colour marginally. Majorly this was about changing the names of the cities of every single Chapter in Germany into a united lettering „Germany“. Also there was a little redone. Through majority decision the old Celtic cross, which had been on the Colour until 2004, was replaced by the Iron Cross. This was acclaimed by many members, because the Celtic cross was often wrongly seen as the christian Cross, although the MC never restricted his member in political meaning or religious believes.

Gremium MC is to be understood as a motorcycle club founded in Germany, which has been expanding strongly and in many countries representing as a sort of home for many bikers with different political opinions and believes. But nobody gets his membership right away, everyone has to run through a probationary period to get to know each other. Membership is possible after that.




















































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